My First Step

By Malia Azizah - 11:15 PM

         Everybody has a dream. That dream comes true depend on their decision. Me either. I always dreaming can explouse the things i like without doing something. Yes, just dreaming and i realize that dream will never comes true if we didn't make a plan and do it evidently.
         And then, this is my first step, to show what i like, to prove everything without feeling judged. Here I'm who try to be honest with my self.
        I love shoot the sky with cloud and their color, blue. Feel free and fresh, without burden of mind. Just free.

                  When I play bowling at Nirwana Garden with my friends, accidentally the "doll machine" make me interest with them and all memories that i could bulit from that machine. So, I took the picture and gift a little bit touch up to make the machine has story.

                      This picture i took when I walk alone to my dorm at Bintan Island after afternoon jogging. I thought that view can has a soul if we took the picture from different angle.

                         Future will happen when we pass the past. Future will be exist as we want if we plan it and do it of course. Dream can come true if we start to catch that dream, do more and face every hurdle. If we lose and fall down, we learn how to stand up and never give up.

P.S : "It's show time!"

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