Les Miserables (2012)

By Malia Azizah - 9:03 AM

      I never expect this movie has different way to describe the naration. All naration is a song. Not a dialogue like as usual. It seems like musical movie. I never saw the trailer, I bought this movies just because I love the cover, seems like conspiration movie or something like that, but actually, this movies told about both of our side. Balck side and white side then we start to ask, what we will choose?.

     The word that I always remember from this movie is :

"Look down"

    And this movie begin with the jouney of the ex-prisoner by the provision, he is Jean Valjean, spent 5 years at prisoner because steals loaf of  bread for his sister's daughter and he found unfair law. When he get his freedom, he lives by the people judge as a thief until he meet someone and change his life and his ideology.
    This movie told about dream and life too. And teach me, never judge people. They become 'evildoer' because they haven't choice and desperate.

   Les Miserable success make me cry. I realize that the word 'Look down' maybe like a sign that we have to look down to see surrounding us.

  A lot of message which I can got. Yeah, life is life. And I suggest you to watch this movie. Just for comphare something in your life. 'The between'.

Happy Watching :)

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