Love Rain

By Malia Azizah - 8:06 AM

    I love rain. That;s the reason why I want to watch this drama. The drama told us about love, In Ha (Jan Geun Seok) is a student who took art majority and Dong Wook (Kim Shi Hoo) is a medical student who fall in love with Yoon Hee (Yoona). In Ha never told Dong Wook that he loves Yoon Hee because Dong Wook told him he was fall in love with Yoon Hee. Because Yoon Hee got sick, she went to America and  disapear.

   Destiny makes them their children, In Ha's son and Yoon Hee's daughter fall in love. This drama told about love between child and their parent. So complicated.

Beside that, this drama told about 3 guys who fall in love with one girl. It's quite different love story.

I love the character of  Joon, he really honest, told about what he thought and feel because he don't want to make misunderstanding.

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