Chocolat by Joanne Harris

By Malia Azizah - 7:04 AM

      I already read the book and watch these movie. I found this book at book fair and I thought this novel has interesting story because on the cover told that book is recomended and have been got nominate as the winner European Film Awards.
       Vianne Rocher, a chocolate maker. The real chocolate which Aztec drank in every their ritual for thousand years ago. She came to Lansquenete-sous-Tannes with her daughter, Anouk, and live there then make chocolate store, La Celeste Praline.
         From this chocolate store, a  lot of secret from people at Tannes wishper, uneasy has been told, and tested  dreams.

          I didn't got the message which this book want to convey so I try to search the movie then I found it. At the movie, it was clearly then I can got the message. In my conclusion, the message want to concey is 

"We have to think everything with alot of point of view before we judge something".

Happy reading and watching


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