Hujan Matahari

By Malia Azizah - 8:04 AM

        My another dream is becoming a writer. I try to catch my dream. Write is the way I wanna share all about what I thought and some view about everything around me. I got some write experience, even though that is not much such as at 2005, Even though I', not the winner but I'm including 7 champions-elect JAWARA SEMUSIM KREASI AKBAR FORUM LINGKAR PENA 2005 with the title of short story is "SUMMER", and 2007 I got the 1 winner of "SAYEMBARA MENULIS CERITA PENDEK REMAJA SE-JAWA BARAT" from Balai Bahasa Bandung and National Education Department with the title is "SEMPURNA" then in the same year, My poetry "Cinta Itu" publish at MAJALAH KAWANKU No-12 2007. That all my firts step to catch my dream become a writer.
      From 2007 until 2012, I stop and never make some short story again. Then 2013, I try to catch my dream again with join the novel writer competition which held by Gagas Media. The title of my novel is HUJAN MATAHARI. I just like that word. I like HUJAN (rain) and sunflower which identically with the MATAHARI (sun). The point of thr novel is :

"Life is ......choice. My choice..God's rules"

      As long as our life, we always face two choice. In every choice, God has plan some beautiful side even though to get that we have to find some trouble. With my pleasure if you want to help me to vote, like, and give some comment on my video in order to my novel comes true.

Please vote here : HUJAN MATAHARI
Thanks alot all.



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