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By Malia Azizah - 2:06 AM

              Every monday until saturday I've been busy with my job, drawing teacher at Global Art International private for children. So, I just have one day for my lazy day or I usually called it with 'me time'. Watching dvd, hang out with my friends, reading some books or produce something.
              This Sunday, I spent my off day with tidy up my bed room. I wanna change the atmosphere and make up all my stuff especially my accessories. Then I got idea to make my own pin board for my accessories. Here the way.
                First, you didn't have to buy the new stuff for make pin board. I just make it with my old stuff in my bed room. Sorry, I use my phone camera so the picture didn't good enough. :p

You only need the 4 things to make a pin board.

1. Used styrofoam, I use my old styrofoam.

2. Used fabric, you can cut your old cloth.

3. Glue, I use white glue.

4. Of course the pin.

               It just a simple way to make a pin board. After cutting your cloth until it can covering the styrofoam, just glue it. For the back side, I use black scotch tape with an eye to firmly atteched. After that you can arrange the pin and don't forget to glue the pin before you pin it. Then voilaa.... this is my new pin boad for arrange my accessories.

Not only arrange your accessories, you can hang up your keys, notes, or maybe your schedule, flashdisk, or your nail clippers.

Happy sunday :)

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