Total Habibie

By Malia Azizah - 7:40 AM

       The first book I ever red it was about B.J Habibie. My father lend me that book from his office. He was work at PT Dirgantara until more less 1998. I like Habibie's character. Because he has different mind set with other child as his age. When all boy go to play outside, Habibie rather stay at his room to read some books until his old sister ask him to come out and play with his friend.
      When I go to book store with my friend to accompany her, I found and fall in love with this book. Total Habibie (Kecil Tapi Otak Semua).

      From this book, I learn a lot of things from his experience which told by people around him. He is a humble man, religious, like humor, art and of course science technology. He always think something deeply. And he is GENIUS.
      I didn't understand about politic, but why people like him didn't allow to lead Indonesia for some years? Minimal, let him prove something for national development.
      When Indonesio got economic crisis, he give suggetion to use 'Zig zag Rate cuts' to save our economy and it was work. In every dialogue or speech, he always said "Human Resources is important!" and it become his obsession as long as he takehold of president.
      Well, I hope someday Indonesia can lead by another Habibie.

Happy reading


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