How To Make a Plasticine?

By Malia Azizah - 8:05 PM

       Art always make me productive. It can make us happy and creative. Last week I try to make a plasticine at class with a save ingredients for children. From base ingredients until the color, we use as save as we can for the children.
          Before make a plasticine, here stuff you will need.

     You have to prepare :
 1. Tapioca flour
 2. Wheat flour
 3. Rice flour
 4.Natrium Benzoat
 5.White Glue
 6.Cakes coloring (the basic color : red, yellow and blue, for another color, you can mix the basic color until   it become a new color like green made from yellow and blue, orange made from yellow and red etc)
 7. Baby Oil
 8. Bowl

How to make it :

1. Before make a dough, you have to use baby oil on your hands to prevent sticking. Mix all of the flour with a comparison 1 : 1 (1 tablespoon wheat flour, tapioca flour, rice flour) and 1/2 tablespoon of Natrium Benzoat. Add the white glue until all flour fused with your hand.

For the begining, I suggest you just use 1 tablespoons of all flour because I worry the dough will be crust when exposed to air. If you want to make a lot of dough, you can save it in the plastic then insert into airtight container.

2. If the dough completely mixed like the picture, you can color it with cakes coloring. For this time, I try to make a sunflower like this :

          If the dough dried and you like your dough shine, you can spray it with a clear pilox. For treatment, you just dry in the sun monthly.

Happy works of art


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