Keenan (Special Need's Case)

By Malia Azizah - 8:17 PM

        When I work as kindergarten teacher, I never meet children with special need. So, this is my first time to communicate with them. His name Keenan, he still 5 years old. His mother told me that her son are children with special need when we first met.
         First thing that I asked is her son habit and the usually thing that could make her son get mad and how to handle it. After that I have a limn about her son so I can communicate and less more I know what I have to do.
         At the first met, He was so active and always speaking. He won't coloring and just speaking and asking of course. First step that I do was making he fun with me. So I ask him to play with me at the class and make he laugh. I success to make him believe me so I try to ask him to coloring while singing. And it's work. He want to coloring his picture.
         His mother told me that Keenan can't communicate with other kids well. So, I suggest her comes when my class quite crowded. Maximal 2 children. I start to suggest Keenan to ask his friend name. Keenan comply my order. But some while later, he start talking like a baby and we can't understand what he said. I said to Keenan that he must speak clearly so we can understand what he meant. Keenan can accept and understand what we want and he start speak clearly.
     Some day, I ask him to make a choice what a picture that he want to coloring. I told him that we will make a paper doll. He told me that he want to draw 'Ultraman' so I draw it. But Keenan said my draw has different with his expectation and he start crying. The first step I do is let him to draw the ultraman. Give them the marker and paper and ask him to draw by his self then he stop crying and start busy with his activity.
     I learn that if we want to make order to children with special need we have to make it clearly with a simple word. Before that, we must make them happy then enjoy with us so it will easy to us if we want they doing something.
      Sometimes, I ask him to free drawing then told me a story about what he draw. I think it can train them to express they mean and help them to train their social relation and make communication with other people especially his friends.

Hope it can help.


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