K, 5 years old (clever but emosional)

By Malia Azizah - 4:47 AM

         During teach at kindergarten , I saw some children with different character. Some of them so bossy and some of them are follower. Character of Neisha (5 years old) like character of Kenneth. They have almost same character, clever but emotional. The different thing, K usually dare to bite or hit other people and he dare to shout to adult, even to new people he met.
          Before I teach, I did observation about children who I'll teach. Their character and how previous theacher teachs them. It make me know about the situation. I never want to make a comparison but I just want to know then I can make a plan to face all children and make me easier for adaptation.
            For K, he always yelling and roar the new teacher before me and he won't to study at class. First time I meet him, he still yelling and roar to me but we can talk each other. When he start yelling and roar, I never stop it but otherwise. I let him to yelling and roar until he felt tired and stop yelling and roar. After that I talk to him I didn't like with what he did.
             Once a day, K mad and try to hit and bite me. I just holding his hand, stood as tall as him, look his eyes, make a contact eyes then speak tenderly that I'll get hurt if he bite or hit me. He still mad and try to hit me again and I say to him that I'll make a time for him alone and I'll be back after he can control his emotion. Slowly, K can control his emotion and we play together again.
             K dislike to be commanded. Before we start the lesson, I usually make a deal with him and he always appreciate with all we deal. So far, we become a close friend and he happy to spent his time with me.
             From K I learn, children want to understand. If they get mad, we have to keep slow down, holding their hand, stood as tall as them, make a contact eyes, and speak tenderly. If they still get mad, just tell them that we make a time for them to control their emotion and leave them alone for a while. Never comply with what they want if it not a necessary things. Just let them mad or cry so they will learn how to control their emotion naturally.

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