Maybe 25, 26, . . . .

By Malia Azizah - 7:58 AM

         "When will you get married?", after graduate my collage, my mom always ask me and that was make me uneasy. Surely.
          When 2011, I told to my friend. "Next year".
         Then when 2012 comes, I told to my friend, next year and when 2013 comes, I clam up. Maybe next year, next year and maybe next month, we never know. I wonder why I take single time so long and never try to open relationship?. No, I always try to open my mind, open my self. But I'm not find the true time, true place and true people yet. I have find the true people but not in the true time and true situation. So, I keep the distance and take time to learn. Learn how to be a good mother from teaching children so far. And I'm shocked, my awareness still less. And learn about my self. How selfish I am, how bad I am and try to fix all better, better and better.
         Some people mocked me because I'm too picky. I just laugh and agree, yeah, I'm picky and I have the right to choose, choose the man who will be our leader, our partner, and father for our child. Some people said I have to try make a relation even you're not love them back, they said you will love them back over time. Then I smile. I never play with heart, because heart is not a trifle. I believe chemistry or love on the first sight. Is that important? Yups. Because I tend to accept all the concequence. It's my life, not your life. If from the first time I'm not get the chemistry, until the end, No is always my answer. I appreciate it, but everybody has their tenet.
        And now, I'm still bad and have much to learn. It's time to move up and make over my personality, my ideology. Love like a traveler. Go to everywhere and everytime, bring our suitcase with a special pattern. Then someday, we will find people who bring the suitcase with a same pattern with us. And there, the last place we will settle. Just believe.

How about you?

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2 komentar

  1. Having read your writing, could i conclude that you have your "let it flow" life :) hehe.. wish you have another perspective about your soulmate :D

  2. Haha, I just want to make my life as simple as I can so we can enjoy it whatever will happen. Tenet it will be tenet. Hope so :)


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