Pocket Camera Pocket (Purse)

By Malia Azizah - 3:14 AM

           This weekend for spent my leisure time, I try to make purse for my pocket camera. I didn't make the design or scketch. I just cut and sew it without right acuration of size so I got failed for the first time. Then for the second time, I make a scketch from paper first then I copy it to the leather immitation. By the way, I made it from my old bag that has broken. So I recycle it becoma the new stuff.
           As usual, here the material that I need to make my purse pocket camera :

    1. Sewing machine
    2. Scissors
    3. Leather immitation
    4. Button

         Here the step by step. I draw it and maybe can help you.

             After twice trial, finally I can finish sew my purse for pocket camera.

Love to share, Good Luck!


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