Hurry Up Ombre!

By Malia Azizah - 5:20 AM

      When I heard that word, ombre, it's sound strange for me. I never hear before so I googling about ombre then I found the meaning of ombre. ombre is graduation of color. Ombre style not only can use for color of hair style.

If you want to try at home, here the tutorial that I got from youtube. It's actually quite simple if you have a lot of leisure time so you can try it by your self or you can go to beauty shop (salon).

     Moreover, the ombre style not only for hair style. you can use it for fashion! yay! check this out some fashion with ombre style.
     It's all about ombre. Not only in fashion or hair style, you can try to make a cake with ombre color. Yummy!.


Here I share how tomake an ombre cake from youtube.

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