What I will wanaa be?

By Malia Azizah - 6:52 PM

"Never give up,God will make the universe to follow your dream"

   I never imagine I'm in this step. Through up and down, many experience on many job title. As a kindergarten teacher, as a tour guide for children, as a drawing teacher, as a trainee at purchasing department, as a LO. And here, I start from zero to join with airplane company and work for the first step as Regular Travel Assistant at Call Center in airplane company, then up to Global Travel Assistant then I has been given become PIC for Extracurricular program for 3 months. My Job is handling the event or outdoor activity for the employee. I held Basket ball program, futsal, beauty Class, Tennis, Ping pong, Band (Music Class), Movie Class, Zumba Class and Choir.

Basket Team

 Futsal Team "FASKO"

Beauty Class

Movie Class
Ping Pong
When we join the Ping Pong Competition and we win the First Champion on January 2015.

Zumba Class

GCC Choir

When we join the Choir Competition on December 2014.

Then we got Runner Up position.

       It is a wonderful moment that what I can achieve for 3 months become PIC of Outdoor Activity. I will never forget about the team, every single moment, and all what we've done. Thank you for all great experience, even I'm not handle all team anymore.

Next, what I will wanna be?
Que Sera-sera

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