Headbands "Earscat"

By Malia Azizah - 6:28 PM

Last time i shared #DoItYourSelf from old jeans fabric as a triangle necklace. This time, I will share how to make an "earcats" headbands from our old jeans. You will need some stuff that easy to find around you. Lets check a look!
1. Scissors
2. Glue
3. Old Headbands
4. Old jeans fabric
5. Hard fabric
6. Pencil
Easy to find isn't it?
Next, Lets we follow step by step how to make an "earcats" headbands.
First, please sketch the earcat with a pencil on hard fabric. The size is depend on you. Because my old hradband thin, i sketch the ears cat with a small size. After you sketch it, please cut.
Second, sketch the earcat on an old jeans. You must copy the sketch. After that, cut and unite it with a glue between hard fabric and jeans.
Third, stick the ears on the headband with a glue. Dry it until both of it stick together.
Voila! The "Earcats" headbands ready to use. For simple sample you can look at picture step by step how to make an "Earcats" headband.
Easy to do, easy to try, and easy stuff to find. How? You wanna try at home by your self?

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