Silky Pot Plant Puding, another business experient

By Malia Azizah - 7:27 AM

We never know if we never try. In culinare business, I always feel failed. Maybe because that is not my passion or maybe I have to try more. I still remember, when I was elementary school I try to sell candy and finally, I just give the candy to my friend. Not to sell it. The second business experience when I was join with Event Organizer in Muslimah Festival 2013. I sold some of form for model and singer competition and must sell ticket, and that was an amazing and tired momment. I walk as far as Cihampelas street and ask people long the path. Quite difficult. Another experience when I and my firend want to sell some drink at Dago Car Free Day. We prepare for everything and seems like sales promotion girl. Did you know? We only can sell 2 cup of drink. The produck is melon ice.
Maybe drink is not my business path so I try to sell puding named HARVESTME. It is a silky puding with chocolate, plant, and worm jelly then biscuit. Simple and not quite expensive.
I know I was not prepare it well, I haven't partner. So I do it by my self. For cook, shop and prepare it. It was tired time. You should bring a lot of box with a motorcycle alone with far distance from your home.
As long as exibition "Cibadak Culinary Night", my friend told me that was 4 way if you want your culinare business sold out.
First, sell something familliar and unique. Especially food and beverage which up to date and most people search it.
Second, unique packaging. You can sell same item with the other but make your product unique.
Third, location. We observe that location in the middle and near by welcome gate is a strategic place.
Four, Dont give up. Hahaha. It is important.
After that, I will find, which business match with me and now,I choose to come back then focus with my old business, Amoniart, Scrapbook business and accessories.

By the way, I will share about how to make silky puding. Here we go.

ingredients will you need :
1 pcs jelly powder (I am using 30gr Nutrijel chocolate)
2 table spoon of maizena
1 glass or 200gr sugar
500 ml chocolate milk
500 ml white milk (plain)

Step by step :

1. Mix all ingredients.
2. Add milk then mix slowly.
3. Cook and always stir until boiled.
4. Put in to jelly place and dry it. for delicious taste, put in to refrigrator.

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