Dear my son,

How are you? Eating well? What are you doing now? Miss you. Miss you so bad. How is heaven? Beautiful yay?

Son, if you turn to the earth, this place is not like heaven. Totally different. It's like a combine heaven and hell. Sometimes you will feel like you live in heaven but sometimes, you will feel that you live in hell. But I think, It was depend on your poin of view.  And I'll try to explain you later, after we meet. How i see this world. From my point of view. Now, I'm still learning son. Much bigger, more patient, more wise. 

Son, I have a bad child memories that i can't told anybody. Only me, that 'evil' and God know. I have a bad dream everynight. I can't sleep tight. Always dream and when I wake up, Im still remember what I dreamed about. For years, its hard to trust human.

Here my promise, give you my best for everything. Best Manda that you have. I could be your x men, fairy, sailor, teacher, partner, everything that you want. Remember, your mind is universe. You can explore a journey, swim your deepest soul and you will find a light. A light that lead you home. I will tell you then.

Hey Son, Im not a perfect person. I realize, no body perfect. But we can learn. I love to learn and study by the way. It make me younger. Make me feel life. Just cant wait to see you. Miss you.

Regards with warm hug,


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