Dear My Plum Son,

       Kiddos, I have some sign of dyslexia. It means, I have a problem to decide where is south, west and all direction especially left and right. Sometimes I cant count down. Number, months, days, weeks, everything that we have to count down. Somestimes I cant read well. The alphabet like flying and randomize. I only can describe something with picture. It makes me easy to understand. And I can remember it permanently. I train my self to read more and write. I can write something reversed. So people who want to read what I wrote, they have to see on mirror. Like this :

Can you read and write like that easily?  Its how my brain proccess the word and sentence. Sometimes its hard to understand if people talk to me with a long description. Hard to focus. So that the reason I always misunderstand and get trouble with communication. 

I already try online test about dyslexia. And my result...

    But son, dont worry, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs dyslexia too. Dyslexia person, see something with different point of view. Not all people can understand what we mean to be. Our mind is always talk although when we sleep. And, I dunno this is bad or good news for you son, Dyslexia usually turn by genes. So, maybe you will get dyslexia too from my genes. I said dont worry, I can teach you how to improve and change your weakness become strenght.

     Sometimes you just look likes a dummy  because the information move slowly to come into your brain. Often, hehe...

     I already take a test. Not for dysleksia test. The result told that I look like a child who have persfective like 40 yo. If make any decision, I think it for 20 years later if I took this decision. Its look like visioner,yay or nay?. That one of my reason why I choose to be kindergarten teacher after graduated. I think of you, son. I sacrifice my career. But ist Ok, for you I will give my best, I told you. Sacrifice my times and my life. About your Father, He will come home soon, just wait son. Patiently. :)

With my heart beating,


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