Habibie & Ainun

By Malia Azizah - 6:23 AM

     This post about movie I've been watched. The title is Habibie & Ainun. Romantic movie. Based on true love story of Republic Indonesian's president. I know Habibie from the book story I readed when I was 6 years old. My father work  at IPTN that time and he ask me sometimes when his office arrange festival. Since that time, I like Habibie and I am being  his fans. About how hard Habibie achieves his dream. Making a plane.

     This movie told about Habibie's (Reza Rahadian) endless love to his wife, Ainun (Bunga Citra Lestari) even Ainun already dead. His love for Ainun still alive until now. They pass alot of condition when Habibie study in German, back to Indonesia and stumble accross with Ainun (young doctor), his junior high school's friend. And suddenly, he fall in love with Ainun and they get married.

    The movie told about the power of goverment, position, nepotism, politic, dream and love. How hard Habibie makes Indonesian can make their own plane (N250). Indonesian first plane.

  That dream comes true, Habibie want to make this plane to show how big his love for Ainun, woman who always beside him in happy and sad condition. Woman who always pray and care for Habibie until dead separated them.

    I cry watched this movie. I hope, someday I can find some one like Habibie.

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