By Malia Azizah - 8:31 AM

           I watch this movie and didn't know what kind of story. That I know, this movie told about American Agent (CIA) who try to help people who work in America Embassy at Iran. About 1980, Iran and America didn't have good relatiom because America try to protect Iran President  who hated by Iran people because he never thought about Iran people's welfare. Then Iran people ask to America to return their president to got execution with hostage American people at American Embassy. Then America start to seek ways to save them who successful escape to Canada Embassy. Then the project begin and they called it "ARGO".

          I will moot about the unusual idea. I thought it's quite different idea for save people from exigent situation. The Idea comes when Tony watch television that his child watch too. That prove, idea can comes from everywhere and everyone include from children. Even thought his idea heard absurd, but that absurd idea can make the mission complate.

You can watch the trailer before :

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