Warm Bodies

By Malia Azizah - 6:51 AM

          It's new for me. The new story, maybe you have been watching movie like this before but it's my first time watch the movie with the story like this. It it start with R (Nicholas Hoult)  -the zombie- feels different with other zombie. He has taste of music then he can communicate with some word. It's actually not totally like a usual zombie. R meet Jolie (Teresa Palmer) when he try to found his foods (human's brain). R just eat brain of Jolie's boyfriend and he start get the memories about Jolie and suddenly like fall in love as feel as Jolie's bf. And the story just begin. 

     The first word that R said to Jolie is "Save" and it's means that R wanna save Jolie from other zombie.

I think it's like a romantic movie, Romeo and Juliet. But however, some scene was funny.

At least, that the message of this movie is :

"Love changes everything"

Here the cute zombie.

Happy watching guys :)

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